About Us

With our warehouse distribution of over 50,000 sq. ft., we are a full-line importer and wholesale distributor of Southeast Asian food products.  Initially, we catered our products and services to the southeastern communities in the tri-state area and its vicinity. Over the course of 25 years, we have excel in matching the growth and needs of the Vietnamese and southeastern markets. As western cuisines merge with eastern tastes, we continue to meet the needs of changing trends.  Today, numerous ethnic stores not only service this market but also the general public is appreciating the simple nutritional taste of Southeastern Asian foods.  Our experience and understanding permit us to efficiently support supermarkets and restaurants throughout the US.  We carry over 1,000 supermarket and restaurant items ranging from canned, dried and frozen foods to kitchen supplies.  Our signature brands have consistently maintained high quality and authentic standards using the finest and freshest simple ingredients.   By partnering with reputable overseas vendors, we achieve our mission to bring quality products to our customers at the most competitive prices.  We are committed and will continue to blend tradition with innovation to introduce the most trusted products to our customers.
      We invite you to browse through our products and contact us with any suggestions.